Jewish and Arabic?!? is not an unusual response for Miriam Segal to hear when she tells people what kind of music her band, Mirele, performs. Mirele doesn't think it's unusual to present the two forms of music together, however, considering the two peoples have such intertwined histories, such connected pasts, for better or worse. Despite lengthy conflicts and seemingly insurmountable odds, these cultures experience and spread great joy and lust for life through their music. It's not about cold, hard facts or colourful TV reports and newspaper articles which twist and manipulate the truth. It's about regular, everyday people and their own descriptions of what happens in their own lives.

"In the beginning" is a compilation of well-known Jewish and Arabic songs creatively and lovingly performed by the band. Lead singer, Miriam Segal, chose the Jewish songs from her own background and the Arabic songs in cooperation with friends from Palestine and Syria. Band members Georg Michael Reiss (clarinet), Solfrid Molland (piano, accordion), and Helge Ellingsen (double bass) set their magical scales and beats to the melodies, and the result is a journey through all of life's history, emotions, and colours.
The songs on "In the beginning" were recorded live on the MS Innvik in October 2003. An enthusiastic audience added to the ambience on the CD. This is music that will set your feelings as well as your feet in motion. This is a CD to both experience and enjoy.

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